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Recognizing LEVOXYL


LEVOXYL is the thyroid-shaped pill that is color coded by strength

Once you’ve been prescribed LEVOXYL, your health care provider may prefer that you stay on the brand-name product. Be sure to check that your prescription is for brand-name LEVOXYL.

You can identify LEVOXYL tablets by their unique shape. Remember, if you don’t see the thyroid-shaped pill, then it’s not LEVOXYL. See tips below to ensure you receive the medication your doctor prescribes.

If your LEVOXYL prescription is switched at the pharmacy, talk to your doctor because you may need additional laboratory tests.

Once you have been prescribed LEVOXYL, use these steps to help ensure you get brand-name LEVOXYL

At the Doctor’s Office:

  • Check that your doctor has written brand-name LEVOXYL on your prescription
  • Remind your doctor to write “No Substitutions,” “Dispense As Written (DAW),” or “Brand Medically Necessary”

At the Pharmacy—Dropping Off Your Rx:

  • Tell your pharmacist that you prefer, and your doctor has requested, brand-name LEVOXYL

At the Pharmacy—Picking Up Your Rx:

  • Check your bag to make sure your bottle label and tablet read “LEVOXYL.” The other side of the tablet will read “dp”
  • Look for the unique thyroid-shaped LEVOXYL tablet, similar to the thyroid
  • Speak to your pharmacist right away if the tablet is not as described above

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