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How to Take LEVOXYL

  • In the morning on an empty stomach
  • At least one-half hour before eating any food
  • With a full glass of water

Stay on your prescribed dose of LEVOXYL and always follow the dosing instructions discussed with your health care provider. How you take LEVOXYL affects the way your body absorbs the medication, so it’s important to take LEVOXYL exactly as prescribed.

Remember to take your medication consistently each day. Never change your prescribed dose without talking to your health care provider first about your concerns and sharing any symptoms you might have. Only you know how you’re feeling, but only your health care provider can decide on the right dose of LEVOXYL for you.

Don’t forget to take your medicine!

Taking your medication regularly and getting your TSH levels tested are key to treating your hypothyroidism. But it can be hard to remember when it’s time to take your medicine or get tested. Rx-Remind is a helpful way to get notifications when you want them.

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